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Grow Away!
Nhà cung cấp: EA
Game không hỗ trợ điện thoại của bạn
Để tải game soạn tin:
TAI 0300018584 gửi 9210
Để gửi tặng soạn tin:
MG 0300018584 (Số điện thoại người nhận) gửi 9210
Giới thiệu
An action-packed game of good food versus bad diet, featuring fast, intense gameplay as you attempt to repel ravenous attackers using your powerful veggie catapult. These malnourished monsters have been eating way too much junk food, and now they’re hungry for something healthy. Take your team of valiant veggies into battle across four edible environments using your touchscreen-controlled catapult to pound them with fearless fruit and powerful produce. It’s eat or be eaten in Grow Away!
Nhà phát hành: EA
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